June 25, 2016

Moving to Sydney

Thinking of emigrating to Australia? Our comprehensive guide on moving to Sydney covers everything you need to know about relocating, finding work, choosing accommodation and even details relating to Visas. Many have chosen to relocate to Sydney thanks to comparatively low rents, beautiful weather and an overall better quality of life. So why not enjoy our free tops tips.

Costs of living in Sydney

Cost of living in Sydney

It’s near enough everyone’s dream to up sticks and move to somewhere as divine as Sydney Australia! It’s depicted as living the perfect lifestyle. It’s got sun, sea, sand and that very laid back … [Read more...]

Emigrating to Sydney

Moving to Sydney, Australia

So you’re thinking about moving to the beautiful city of Sydney down under! Beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise ocean shores and a very laid back lifestyle, it is definitely the perfect choice for … [Read more...]

Finding a Job in Sydney

Sydney Jobs

Introduction Sydney is the largest city of Australia. It is the center of all activities for the whole country and it’s full of large number of opportunities. To find a job in Sydney is not … [Read more...]

Finding Accommodation in Sydney

Inner City, Apartment Living

You will need to structure your lodging situation, straight away if you plan shifting to Sydney and do not have a job or any form of housing at hand. The following tips will be helpful in your getting … [Read more...]

Getting an Australian Tax File Number

Tax returns

When you arrive in Australia, you must get the Australian Tax File Number (TFN), which prevents you from having to pay taxes at the high rate of 46%. It is better to get the TFN immediately. The … [Read more...]

Getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Sydney Harbour

The Australian Working Holiday Visa is a scheme that provides you a chance of working for up to 24 months within Australia. It is seen as a great opportunity to live in Oz, interact with Australians … [Read more...]

Opening an Australian Bank Account

Australian Dollars

Opening a bank account in Australia is considerably hassle-free unlike some countries where it can be a nightmarish experience. In fact, the whole process can be completed online even before you enter … [Read more...]

Setting Up Reciprocal Health Care

Health Care

Introduction Australia has made up contracts with many countries which agree to the fact that their inhabitants are covered with medical expenses when they travel anywhere abroad to one of the member … [Read more...]