June 28, 2016



Only six kilometers from the business district of Sydney sits Randwick. It’s close proximity to Coogee beach and easy access to transportation make it a popular destination. The Kengsington campus of the University of New South Wales is serviced via bus. It’s relaxed atmosphere calls to many.


Property values are elevated in Randwick. You can find deals using the services of a property agency setting office. The closeness to Coogee Beach drives prices higher. The ease of transportation also contributes to the higher housing costs.

Choose from a studio, an apartment, flat, town home or house with a terrace. Prices for these units range from $100 AU to $350 weekly. For $200, you can get a week in a nice room. Find clusters of hostels and motels along the main road, Belmore Street. Here lie older terrace homes and classic mansions on quiet streets. Hotels line the road along Randwick Junction.


A substantial senior population exists in Randwick. Several senior care facilities operate here. You can see the silver-haired residents strolling casually, reading newspapers and chatting with friends in the various cafes. The small area allows people to become acquainted rather easily. Many students study at nearby UNSW, Institute of Languages and TAFE.

Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment

Many pubs here operate underground. Unless you know where to look, you could easily walk right pass them on the street. Liquor stores operate right alongside pubs. Shop at the quaint shopping mall to snag a few gifts to take home with you.

Visit Centennial Park to see Sydney’s Race Course. Many major events occur at the Race Course. These events draw tourists from all over.

Parks and Entertainment

Randwick is a green and lush place. Visit Randwick’s major park, Centennial Park. Only 15 minutes away from Randwick Junction, the park features many lush areas. There are plenty of places to let the kids run free on the grasslands.

Randwick’s Curves is situated in Randwick Shopping Centre. It has all the amenities of any gym. So there’s no need to skip your workouts.

Shops, Restaurants and Takeaways

Restaurants offer Lebanese, Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine. Get your fast food fix at the area franchises like KFC and Subway on Belmore Road. They stay open late. For early mornings, visit the bakery shops opposite the mall.

Shop in the supermarket in the Randwick Junction. Buy fresh fruit, freshly carved meat and dine at the food court. Though the area doesn’t offer a cinema, you can still rent DVDs and surf the net at one of several Internet cafes. Don’t expect Brand name here. Instead peruse the boutiques for clothes at affordable prices.


Hop on a bus to get around in Randwick. Over ten routes serve the area, with routes to Bondi Junction, Coogee Beach, Marouba, and Randwick. The airport bus connects to Randwick. The buses run frequently. Traffic can clog streets during peak hours.

Trains connect central Sydney and the outlying suburbs, like Randwick. Parking doesn’t present problems, with the exception of dinner time.

The good stuff

  • Laid back
  • Easy access to transportation
  • Within walking distance of Coogee Beach

The not so good

  • Windy